Casting the Great Net


Lord Chaitanya and His associates in Jagannath Puri: He called His sankirtan movement the Prema-Maha-Jali, the ‘Great Net of Love’

I write this blog thanks to the ingenuity of a team of young internet wizards at They’ve made designing and maintaining a blog not only simple but a great pleasure. Last night I was their WordPress ‘Blog of the Minute’ which meant that more than 800,000 bloggers had the Vaishnava Voice displayed on their dashboard section for a few hours. They have also listed me as number 67 of their top 100 ‘Fastest Growing Blogs’ Thank you guys for a great service; for generating lots of interest in the Vaishnava Voice; and indirectly for helping spread the message of Krishna. Just don’t sell up to Google any time soon!

But I owe most of my gratitude to those Vaishnava websites which have featured several of my posts for their regular readers. Run by devotees of Krishna in Australia, New Zealand, USA, India and the UK, they have featured many of my recent blogs for their respective audiences and have even installed me as an RSS feed in some cases. To them all I offer a big and grateful thank you.

Now, there are a lot of different websites that purport to be ‘Vaishnava’. Some are sincerely Krishna-centred and helpful for spiritual life and some, while at first glance seeming so, are not much help at all. Some are hand-and-glove with ISKCON and thus represent the thoughts of our members and our organisational policies; some are run by lone former members of ISKCON who want the world to know their grumbles; while others are run by other Vaishnava organisations based in the west. The last category, naturally, also includes many former ISKCON members – but they don’t grumble quite as much.

Since the following sites have helped to increase my traffic I will reciprocate their generous hospitality and request you, my dear readers, to visit them: – run by Caru Das from his temple in Utah. This beautiful traditional temple near Salt Lake City attracts thousands of visitors every year and seems to be popular with Mormons, who contributed towards its building cost. They’ve just had am amazing Holi Festival and I urge you to watch the video made by the Daily Herald displayed on their site. Leave an entry in the guestbook and visit them personally if you ever go to the States. – run by our ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner for the UK, Pragosh Das, and his technical support Citraka Das over in Italy, it’s a busy site with lots of new stuff every few days. Although its an ISKCON site they do not shy away from controversy so you’ll find lots of active opinions from many contributors. – run by ISKCON’s Congregational Development Ministry this site focuses on the subject that’s dear to my heart: how best to give everyone a chance for awakening their Krishna consciousness. Lots of articles which reflect the diversity of types and situations of practise of KC, and techniques for sharing it with others. – run by Aniruddha Das, temple president of ISKCON in Melbourne, Australia, this is colourful by design and content and has a great feature of fresh classes on demand. – run by Arjunanatha Das right here in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK, this site connects the different and widespread groups of devotees across the UK. – run by Antardwipa Das, this is the online version of the popular Vaishnava Connection newsletter and hosts the life-changing community morning programme. – an affiliate of the Back to Godhead magazine, this is a great site for essays on all philosophical subjects, articles from the magazine, web-radio, live webcam broadcasts, mail-order products and live help. – run by ISKCON Communications, this site reflects our Society’s interaction with our main publics such as spiritual seekers; the media; academics; government and other religious bodies. The site provides news and opinion, and features an attractive art gallery. – not sure who runs this one, but it does what it says in the title: gives you lots of news in a never-ending stream from all over the planet.

Finally, thanks to my daughter Jahnavi who first introduced me to WordPress.



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2 responses to “Casting the Great Net

  1. Das

    Hare Krishna,

    Two years back I checked the website for the Utah temple. It was completely by chance that I visited that website. I had never previously heard about them, but from that day forwards I check their website regularly. They are so inspiring.

    Hare Krishna

  2. Hare Krishna,
    One thing my guru keeps on reminding me is the need to have discernment, not only with whom we associate, but also what we read and listen to.Your reminder is timely and thought provoking, and I am glad your blog is a success

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