James Bond’s arch enemy Jaws: Who says British dentists are not good?

I went to see my dentist this morning. I like my dentist and have been going to see him for the past 17 years. Dr. Leonard Wilder is in his mature years and works from an upstairs room in his house in a quiet and leafy neighbourhood on the very outskirts of north London. He used to have a surgery in the elite Harley Street and was consultant dental surgeon for the BBC Radio.

He is a devotee of Krishna and has many devotees as patients. In his dental practise he hangs pictures of Krishna and always has kind words for the Vaishnavas. He is quite an expert at ingenious techniques of dental repair and has kept at the forefront of his field, several times pioneering the use of a combination of materials and instruments. He hatches his schemes to save British teeth with a dental scientist called Dr. Peter Thomas. Dr. Thomas is proud of his most famous set of teeth, a giant set of chromium gnashers that he made for ‘Jaws’ the James Bond 007 villain.

Leonard is also well known in Vaishnava circles and beyond for writing a book on hypnotic regression and the proof of previous lives. Lives to Remember is the remarkable story of one of his dental patients who accepted his offer of hypnosis for an unrelated problem, and during the process, embarked on a narration of an entire life in Victorian London. She was no-one famous, but that’s normally the way these things are. Its only on stage that a person has a previous life as Cleopatra. When awake the patient had no recollection of her time during hypnosis, neither did it mean much to her when a tape recording was played back to her. The other problem was cured and that was all that mattered. After his book was published, Leonard did the normal round of talk shows and demonstrated his technique on some celebrities of the day.

Leonard’s wife Joan is a musician; a pianist, flautist and a composer. She wrote much incidental theme music for British television. Very significantly for the Vaishnava community she took our standard bhajans and painstakingly wrote the sheet music for them. Having never been done before, this work took some time, but the result was a beautiful book which has been used by musical devotees ever since.

Just two devotees in Britain’s amazing Vaishnava community.


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  1. I have just realised that our Vaishnava Community is almost wholly unknown to me. Even though I’ve been in the movement since birth, I’ve never heard of Dr. Leonard Wilder and his association with Jaws nor his wife. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were all able to share knowledge amongst the Vaishnava community and collectively develop our Krishna Consciousness?

    Your das, Rishi

    (Next post on Def Leppard’s drummer?)

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