In Radhadesh for a few days


Chateau de Petite Somme, Durbuy, Belgium, now the Radhadesh temple and home to the Bhaktivedanta College

This morning I attended a pre-breakfast engagement ceremony in the home-temple of Vivaswan das over in the Edmonton district of north London. Before breakfast is a good time for such religious functions, especially when they conclude with parathas (potato-filled wheat griddle cakes) and jalebis (bright orange and curly sweets). I then drove through the glacial traffic to get to the M25 motorway and on to Heathrow for a flight to Brussels.

I’m over here in Belgium at the Radhadesh temple, an imposing castle now home to a Vaishnava community. I will be teaching a short course on congregational development to a group of our young students attending the Bhaktivedanta College. The students receive credits from the university of Wales at Lampeter for the Vaishnava teachings they learn here. It all goes towards their final BA in Theology. Its very convenient for them to learn while living in a temple. University can play havoc with anyone’s determination for spiritual life, so at least many of the standard allurements for students are not be found here!

There’s also some Sanskrit modules taught, as well as western philosophy and other modules which will add to their competence as a modern devotee of Krishna. My short course comes under the heading of ‘Vocational Skills’ and we will be discussing philosophy, preaching, pastoral skills, and the practical side of creating systems and structures to support our movement’s growing number of members.


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