A Day in London


Shri Krishna, the ‘Lord of London’ and protector of all His devotees

Yesterday I went to hospital to have my first cystoscopy procedure for ten months. It was a check-up to see if anything nasty had grown back on the lining of my bladder. The cystoscope is a brilliantly useful device; part flexible optic camera, part torch/flashlight, part biopsy-sampler – and part mediaeval instrument of torture. But the good news was that I was visibly clear and the tumour had not returned.

I left the hospital relieved and travelled by the underground railway over to Tottenham Court Road to visit the temple and give my thanks to Sri Sri Radha Londonishwara. There’s a certain intimacy with the Deities in the London temple. You can get up close and talk to them, and they always seem to have the time to listen. Downstairs, a plate of maha prasadam was handed to me, and while sitting outside the restaurant I spotted a famous television comedy actor and called out to him. We talked for a while and I wished him Krishna’s blessings that he would have many more years of making people laugh. He seemed to like that.

After that, I went with Janaka and some of his friends to see Jayadwaita Swami speak at the School of Oriental and African Studies. The event, staged by the students, was advertised as: ‘Interview with a Guru’ which made me smile considering my previous blog on the use of the word in ISKCON. However, this was advertising and not social designation. The venue was the students’ common room and, while not the ideal place for pin-drop silence, his talk managed to command attention amongst the interested students.

To home, and the happy (?) news that my daughter Tulasi, 18, had passed her driving test on the second attempt and would now be regularly borrowing the car.



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2 responses to “A Day in London

  1. Krishna is said to be Sarvaguun Sampan. It means full of all virtues. There are 36 virtues altogether to be imbibed. When we imbibe virtues in our life and become an embodiment of it and express it our actions, we become a sample to make it simple for people to lead a virtuous life. A wonderful method to please Shri Krishnaji.

  2. Thank you Kirby. Now you have got me interested in the 36 virtues. Can you list them for me and state where they are written in scripture?

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