30,000 bikes take to the streets


30,000 cyclists took part in the London Freewheel


My son Mali, Gaurahari with his two sons Chaitanya and Nityananda, and me

As part of London mayor Ken Livingstone’s commitment to reduce motorised traffic in the capital, he recently endorsed a day when the city’s streets were emptied of all cars and turned over to bicycles. 30,000 showed up and took a ten-mile ride from Tower Bridge (in the picture above) through to Buckingham Palace and back again. Our devotee group took a picnic at St. James’ Park.

London is the first city in the world to impose a daily congestion charge on motorised vehicles and it has been effective in reducing both congestion and pollution.

I must admit that my motives were more to consolidate my recovery in a burst of renewed physical activity than to display my green credentials, but I enjoyed the day and the opportunity it brought for more family activity.


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One response to “30,000 bikes take to the streets

  1. Martin

    Sounds like fun! It looks as if you were blessed with good weather too.

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