Day Three



I went into London at 6.00 am to give the morning class at our Soho street temple. I was invited for the 38th anniversary of the installation of Radha Londonishvara, the presiding Deities there. After class we posed for a group photograph outside the temple.

Returning to the Manor, I learned that various Hindu organisations had put out their own press releases, and that BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme will be featuring the story tomorrow after 7.00am.

Viewing the London ITN news from the other night I found it quite remarkable how the RSPCA are providing the public with a version of events which is quite removed from what actually happened. More than that, they have escalated the level of pain and distress our cow was in to the point where anyone just has to agree with them that they took the correct action.

But they did not. They made an error of judgement born, I feel, from a sense of moral certitude brought about by the genuinely good work they do. Unfortunately their notion of compassion and prevention of cruelty involves killing the very animal they are being compassionate to. Its a view which comes from not understanding that animals have souls.

The public trust them, they have a good image, but they are not free from the tendency to make mistakes. There is a website cataloguing their mistakes which makes for interesting reading.

And killing a cow at a Hare Krishna temple was a big mistake. Our duty is to let them know that in no uncertain terms. Then to get the law changed so that it never happens again.Tomorrow will be interesting as Hindu leaders gather at the Manor to discuss the way forward.


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  1. Hare Krishna.

    Thank you for keeping us updated on the developments there. I wish you all the best in some of the steps that you will be taking to ensure that this does not happen again.

    Would there be a possibility of RSPCA and other similar organizations receiving some kind of training on cultural / spiritual matters that we preach?

    If there is a break through and new laws do emerge, I hope each ISKCON centre takes the initiative to implement a similar one in their respective countries.

    Looking forward to day 4.

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