Please Sign the Early Day Motion



Barry Gardiner MP has tabled an Early Day Motion



Dear Readers, if you’d like to register your protest at what has happened at Bhaktivedanta Manor – and you live in the UK – please write a short email to your MP and ask him/her to kindly sign the Early day Motion tabled by Barry Gardiner MP.  Sixty MPs signing up will result in the issue being debated. I know you have a lot of things to do at this time of year but a few minutes will make a good deal of difference. Other aspects of our case are moving on quite fast. More tomorrow.


EDM 576





Gardiner, Barry

That this House condemns the action of the RSPCA and Hertfordshire police in killing Gangotri – a cow in the sacred herd of the Hindu temple at Bhaktivedanta Manor; notes that the cow suffered from no contagious disease that rendered her any danger to other animals or humans and indeed had received superb nursing care from the temple’s herdsman for the muscle failure and bedsores she was stricken with; and expresses its anger that despite promises from the police the previous day that no precipitate action would be taken and assurances that the community would have the opportunity to seek due legal process, the police and RSPCA arrived unannounced the following morning, went to the Goshala and physically removed three devotees before killing Gangotri by lethal injection whilst the rest of the community were at prayer in the temple.



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2 responses to “Please Sign the Early Day Motion

  1. vidya sagar

    Cow is our mother. this is very bad.

  2. Jarvis Smith Dodoo

    It is unfortunate that the world of today should suffer so much from incomprehensible wickedness. In every civilized community there is an upholding of Animal Rights.How can such brutality as deliberate as an unauthorized lethal injection be given to a cow,and a civilized city as London be the unfortunate site of this, committed by such wolves-in-sheepskin.It is a shame and the government should prove to the world its integrity by punishing the culprits as dictated by the law of the land.

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