Bhisma and everyday Battles


Pierced by multiple arrows after the Battle of Kurukshetra, Bhisma is blessed by the sight of Krishna who comes to him in his final days.

This morning I gave a 6.00 am class on the Srimad Bhagavatam over the Skype web broadcast system. Its a different system than I use on the other days of the week. This class was for a few listeners in one place overseas, whereas my normal class is for 15-20 in their individual homes.

My topic today was the spiritual feelings of the great warrior Bhismadeva, who is lying on a bed of arrows after the battle of Kurukshetra. He considers himself to be wonderfully graced because Lord Krishna has personally come to him in his final moments.

Bhismadeva made enormous sacrifices in his life for the sake of dharma, only to appear to have made the wrong choices when he fought on the side of the Kauravas – Dhritarastra’s sons – opposite the Pandavas. But his special relationship with Krishna meant that he felt closest to the Lord when Krishna was running towards him in battle. Bhismadeva is one of the twelve ‘mahajans’ or great souls, who know the secret of devotion.

From there out on a japa walk, breakfast, then to the temple. Its still a little quiet as a lot of devotees went home after the book distribution marathon. Three national daily newspapers ran the protest story.

Our campaign will now concentrate on an investigation into the incident, and how all our valid concerns were ignored; we will also be trying to focus some political attention on the need for amendments to the animal welfare laws and their heavy-handed interpretation.

This afternoon I was able to have some interesting conversations with our members who have come to the temple as a way of relaxing after Christmas. I guess I never get to ‘relax’ at the temple. Like Bhisma, there’s a fresh ‘battle’ to be fought every single day. Like Bhisma, and Arjuna, of course, all of us have an opportunity to meet with Krishna amid the daily battles we fight. Often , thats a sweeter experience than meeting God on the mountain top.

I also had some time to catch up on correspondence relating to our “2008: Year of the Congregation” If you are interested in seeing a slideshow I made up, let me know.

For a traditional Bengali song in praise of the spiritual master, try listening to my rendition on the Nectar of Devotion Radio site by clicking on section 4 here


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  1. Elfreda

    Dear Kripamoya,

    yes, I would be very interested in seeing your slideshow.

    Happy New Year!

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