The Cycle of Birth, Death, and England


Bhakta Robert Edwards and his trusty pedal yatra bike

Here’s a new website you could visit, and a young Vaishnava to whom you could offer some moral support.

His name is Bhakta Robert Edwards and he is riding a bicycle through England and selling books along the way. There’s something about the colour saffron and travelling that have always gone well together – and here’s a fresh way of doing it. By just depending on Krishna – and that means only buying food from the fruits of his daily distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books – Robert has placed himself in the hands of the Almighty (and whatever weather the good Lord happens to send down upon him).

He has a road bike and a small trailer for the books, a sleeping bag, and a minimum of gear. Let’s hope he manages to not only last the distance, but gets to meet all the spiritually interested people along the way. You’ll find an up to date account of his adventures on



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3 responses to “The Cycle of Birth, Death, and England

  1. Bhakta Attilla

    All Glories to Bhakta Rob, and come and see us in Bristol/Exeter if you can.

  2. DavidC

    sounds like the “mainstream” may have since gotten to him and injected their labels and doubts into him:

    • Yes, Rob was doing great service cycling around the south west and telling others about Krishna. I very much hope to see him doing it again, some time soon.

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