Seeking Blessings of Mother Earth

We’ve just celebrated the Bhumi Puja for the new Goshalla at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Around five hundred guests and supporters attended and took part in the offering of grains into four sacrificial fires. Traditionally, before the construction work begins on any new building, we request the permission and blessings of Prithvi, or Mother Earth.

Our spot for the ceremony was exactly where the new cow barns will be constructed, the culmination of the event being the opening of the Earth and the offering of milk into the hole. Later on will come the installation of Ananta in the foundations and the laying of the first brick.

The ceremony is conducted in Sanskrit, with prayers taken from the Hari-Bhakti Vilasa by Gopala Bhatta and Sanatana Goswami.

We invited the press and the London Evening Standard published a colour double-page centre spread photograph of the scene. You couldn’t pay the price for publicity like that. There again, it was very colourful and a great piece of news with a difference. You can have a quick look at the ceremony here


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