Vedic Family Ceremonies in Cambridge


My Lakshmi-Nrsimha blessed the proceedings

The day after my talk at Cambridge University I celebrated with two families as they entered their new homes. The day was filled with ceremony, worship, kirtan and feasting as we performed griha-pravesh in the two houses.

Camborne is a rapidly developing village some ten miles from Cambridge, and is now popular with young couples and professionals. Sushant and Prachi, who now live there, are both physiotherapists working at the Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, and are originally from Mumbai. Linda and Lorenzo, and their young daughters, Varshana and Nayika are from the south of Italy. Lorenzo works in IT.

I stayed overnight with Sushant and Prachi, and broadcast my Sunday morning web class from their home. A few technical difficulties caused intermittent reception, but otherwise around 30 devotees got their regular ‘Sunday Sermon.’ I have been doing these classes for one year now. Originally, it was something that was getting me up off my bed in the first days and weeks just after my operation. I am quite surprised now to learn that I’ve given over 100 such classes. I’m told that they’ve all been recorded somewhere electronically.

The Cambridge Vaishnavas, and their many friends, attended each others family ceremonies and by the end of the day everyone seemed smilingly satisfied. As it was a day for samskaras, Nayika, aged 3, took advantage of the situation and had her hair cut for the first time. The cuda-karanam was over in one snip, just above the right ear, and was concluded the very next day by a hairdresser.


Husband and wife, Lorenzo and Linda, offer each other blessings


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