Weekend Warrior


Cakes, Books, Gaur-Nitai and happy devotees during the monthly sankirtan festival in London’s Harrow district

Me a sankirtan ‘weekend warrior’? Well, almost. If a mere two hours in a shopping street entitles me to the ‘warrior’ tag. I was accompanied by my wife, Guru Carana Padma – herself a sankirtan heroine of yesteryear – and my son Mali, so I suppose you could say we notched up six hours altogether.

It was the monthly ‘sankirtan festival’ in nearby Harrow, including street chanting, cake-and-book table, and book distribution. It was fun and I laughed a lot. I haven’t been out for some time with straight books but I felt all the cobwebs blow away as soon as I started. Somehow I met very friendly people and enjoyed my two hours, which passed quickly.

The devotees selling the cakes were successful, the street chanting was a festival in itself, and altogether 110 books went out. To top everything off, Nandagopa das, the organiser of the day, and co-ordinator of our ‘Preach Petal’ for this year met with no less a dignitary than the Mayor of London himself!


The Mayor of London with Nanda Gopa Das

Ken Livingstone stopped for some moments and accepted a copy of the Bhagavad-gita. He is known for extending himself to all of London’s 300 communities, and presides over the annual ‘Diwali in the Square’ a mammoth celebration of some 25,000 revellers in London’s Trafalgar Square. Its an event that was co-initiated by our congregation members eight years ago with only 40 people. Such celebrations grow, though.

As does this annual Holi Festival of Colours in Utah, USA. These are mostly Mormons, folks!



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2 responses to “Weekend Warrior

  1. This event, organised by the Pandava Sena youth group, looks to be something that will be held in both Harrow and Ilford (East London) on alternate months.

    Everyone please come along and show your support – the more the merrier.

  2. And, hopefully, in many of the other 30 boroughs of London. C’mon everyone, we owe it to Ken Livingstone – even he’s lending his support to the campaign!

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