A Heavenly Garden for George Harrison

The Garden for George Harrison, part of this year’s Royal Horticultural Society’s annual show.

The Chelsea Flower Show is on at the moment. Its an annual feast for the senses organised by the Royal Horticultural Society and is the most important show of its kind in Britain. As well as prize specimens of flowers and new varieties, the show stages spectacular gardens on various themes. These are created exclusively for the show and dismantled at its conclusion.

This year the show featured a garden created for George Harrison. “From Life to Life – A Garden for George” was the work of George’s wife Olivia and Yvonne Innes, with mosaics by Brian Clarke. It displayed the four stages of his life in distinct planting themes: from childhood on his father’s allotment; through fame and psychedelia; to the quietude of later life, and across a stream to an Indian pavilion on a higher level.

You can watch a short film about it here:




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2 responses to “A Heavenly Garden for George Harrison

  1. EEodotg

    I don’t think the picture posted properly. I can’t see it.

  2. Satya

    Unfortunately, the video clip only plays in the UK. 😦

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