A Taste of Hare Krishna Heaven: New Audio-Magazine

I’ve previously written about the Nectar of Devotion radio programme being broadcast weekly throughout East London. The presenter, Dwarakadisa Das, reckoned his listeners totalled some 7,000 live on the day, and many more listening online at different times during the following week. My regular readers will know that I like to find out new ways that devotees are presenting Krishna consciousness so may I recommend you have a look at his new audio magazine, also found here.

The current magazine focuses on Lord Nrsimhadeva and features bhajans by assorted singers, class with transcription by Srila Prabhupada; a brilliant puppet show soundtrack; and the Nrsimha Kavaca by Sivarama Swami.

Here is more on the new audio-magazine:

Nectar of Devotion is a monthly online audio magazine dedicated to sharing the best
Music, Lectures, Audio Theatre and Information from the world of Hare Krishna.
Hosted by Dwarakadisa das and originally broadcast as a weekly radio show on
NuSound Radio in London, Nectar of Devotion has now moved on to a new monthly format
and is available seven days a week here at our home on the world wide web.

With over half a million listeners in it’s first year, the Nectar of Devotion Radio Show
proved immensely popular with audiences of all ages and on all continents.
It was ready for
a bigger and more beautiful incarnation of it’s one hour radio format.
So the Nectar of Devotion Monthly Audio Magazine was born.
This updated internet version can now offer you more quality content than ever before.
More of everything that made the Nectar of Devotion Radio programme so appealing.


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