More of Narasimha

Here is some more from the recent festival in Simhacalam, Germany

This was taken on the night before Caturdasi. The brightly coloured silken ropes are known as pavitra, so this part of the festival is known as pavitra-utsava. After this the Lord is worshipped with many ghee lamps, building up gradually from a lamp with one wick to one with dozens. Amaraprabhu Das is here offering incense

Some of the lamps that were offered to Lord Nrsimhadeva after the pavitra-utsava. I was fortunate to be asked to offer all of these

Telling stories on Nrsimha Caturdasi. Dinasharana dasi, who supervises much of the development of ISKCON in Germany, is to my right. Kadamba Kanana Swami is on the far left of the picture

The Lord in His flower outfit on the Caturdasi day. The Sri Yantra is embroidered in gold on a red backdrop behind Him.

On the first evening of the four-day event, I was asked to lead kirtan for the hoisting of the Garuda flag, signifying the beginning of the festival. Sacinandana Swami and Kadamba Kanana Swami kindly invited me.


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