Sometimes Krishna consciousness is established with long theological arguments, where ancient Sanskrit is diced and spliced to prove various points.

Sometimes its explained with razor-sharp philosophical logic, where propositions are defended by supporting logic, then defeated by counter-arguments.

Sometimes Krishna consciousness is experienced through great hardships endured while traveling to inaccessible holy places, where sun, dust and hunger sharpen the mind on the transcendent.

Sometimes Krishna consciousness is encountered through simple acts of menial service, where the proud head is humbled and the spirit of selfishness is momentarily set aside.

Sometimes Krishna consciousness is enjoyed in the simple recitation of his divine name.

And sometimes he is experienced by gazing at his image with the inner eyes of a child, caught in a moment of wonder…



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2 responses to “Krishna

  1. Joseph

    Beautifully said!

  2. Sita

    It is all of this ,and more. Sometimes it also comes as a gentle breeze ,or a shower on a hot day,when you were praying that let there not be a drought,he sends a shower,as though telling us he is listening.

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