Radhasthami Cake Decorating

One of the amazing cakes offered to Radharani this morning.

Radhastami to day, the appearance day of Srimati Radharani, Lord Krishna’s tender-hearted feminine counterpart and the greatest worshipper of God. Today is the eighth day of the bright fortnight in the month of Bhadra.

Today I would like to share with you the inspirational altar at Bhaktivedanta Manor. If you go to the ‘Daily Darshan’ section of the Manor’s website, you will be able to view not only the beautiful altar decorations but also the amazing variety of cakes offered, all with stunning pictorial, sculptured, and other artistic decorations. It has become quite a tradition at the Manor.

Go here to see:



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4 responses to “Radhasthami Cake Decorating

  1. d3

    that cake is soooo amazing!!!! was there one for each of radharani’s qualities?

  2. Srimati Radharani’s qualities were each made into colourful posters that were placed around the temple room. The cakes featured some of the qualities but had other designs as well. There was a basket of fruit cake, a Radha-Kund cake, and many others. All the photos are vailable on the ‘Daily Darshan’ section of the Manor site.

  3. d3

    i saw the cakes. they are truly amazing. what talented devotees!

  4. DavidC

    The above link is no longer valid; the correct one is:


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