May Hanuman continue to give him luck

Barack Obama’s lucky charms; among them a small murti of Hanuman.

Quite interesting to have a USA president-elect who carries a small Hanuman everywhere with him ‘for luck.’ As all Vaishnavas know, those who carry Hanuman will be carried by Hanuman when they most need him. Apparently Barack Obama heard the stories of Hanuman from his father.

Interesting also that Mr. Obama senior was from the small town of Kisumu in Kenya where there is a temple to Hanuman that’s been there for a very long time. I used to live at that temple back in 1979. Small world.

Small world – and very delicately balanced. We pray that all good fortune and illumination be showered upon Senator Obama in the difficult years ahead.



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3 responses to “May Hanuman continue to give him luck

  1. Akruranatha

    Someone should definitely write Obama and tell him more about Hanuman, about his devotion to Lord Rama, the ideal head of state, perhaps about the temple in Kisimu, and about the continuing positive developments in ISKCON.

  2. Satyadharma

    OK. I saw the photo and reference from,27424,1811278,00.html
    Obama only met his father once, I doubt he told him about Hanuman. But it is interesting he has it. I wonder where he got it. A Hanuman temple in Kenya??

  3. Yes, I suppose the facts will come out some time down the line. One other source wrote that it was from a room-mate in Indonesia. I believe the little figure is of a type made in Thailand. The Hanuman in Kisumu, Kenya is in a Hindu temple. There are many people of Indian descent in Kenya.

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