India’s Imams urge religious respect

A reader of this blog sent me in a news item today. It regards suggestions by a leading Muslim in India which might help to reduce community tension. His suggestions concern increasing mutual respect between Hindus and Muslims, specifically by respecting each other’s religious sensitivities. I think he should be praised for his noble consideration.

Years ago, before the British partitioned India, it was still quite common for Hindus and Muslims to take part in each others religious functions. Dietary choices were another thing, but mutual respect of each other’s path was more common. Let’s hope it returns. Here’s that news piece:

Leading Islamic seminary Dar-ul-Uloom has suggested to Muslims in India that they avoid slaughtering cows on Eid-ul-Azha as a mark of respect to the religious beliefs of Hindus.
The appeal has been supported by the All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques (AIOIM), which had earlier asked Muslims to put black ribbons on their shoulders as a symbol of their solidarity and grief for the victims of the Mumbai terror attacks.
In a booklet detailing the concept of ‘qurbani’ or sacrifice on the occasion of Bakri-Eid, brought out by Deoband-based Dar-ul-Uloom, the seminary has advised Muslims to refrain from sacrificing cows to avoid hurting sentiments of the Hindus.
“They (Muslims) may slaughter other animals that are approved by the Shariah,” the booklet said, asking Muslims to respect the sentiments of other Indians.
Established in 1866, Dar-ul-Uloom is the most respected school of Islamic teaching in the subcontinent.
AIOIM President Hazrat Moulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi said slaughtering cows hurts the sentiments of Hindus and ‘we should not do anything that will disturb communal harmony in the country.’


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