Islam and animal welfare


I received a long response to my post on the recent announcement by Islamic clerics in India. A fellow Vaishnava, Vasumurti Das, sent me many quotes wherein the Prophet Mohammmed (pbuh) demonstrated the concern that the good person should have for animals. Since the piece is excellent writing, and I did not want to lose it amongst all the other comments I receive, I’ve uploaded it as a page: Islam and Animals so readers have time to go through it. It’s worth the effort you’ll take. Click at the top of the page of the website. In fact, why not immediately go to his site too, there’s lots of good writing on moral and ethical issues:

I will write again in a few days on the same subject, as those interested in Krishna consciousness often ask me: “You’ve said that we should overlook differences, and that ultimately everyone is on the same path. However, you have chosen to follow one path amongst many. That path is not Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism. The fact that you have exercised your discrimination in choosing a particular path means that you in fact, contrary to your own advice, did see the differences and made your choices accordingly.”

Good question. Please call back here after the next Ekadasi which happens to be the day the Bhagavad-gita was spoken.



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5 responses to “Islam and animal welfare

    • Thank you. I didn’t know you were jewish until a few days ago but somehow I figured with the frenetic midnight multi-tasking, the quick wit and love of family there had to be authentic chutzpah in you somewhere! Shalom! I just started my third jar of birthday jam – exclusively hand made for me by Sabjimata. Its the saffron one which, I have to say, is just as excellent as the other two pots. And the jars are so cool I can’t bear to use them as mere jam jars. So they have been engaged as storage containers for my fire yajna items.

  1. Martin

    Many thanks for the link to Vasumurti’s website Prabhu.
    Meat and drink to a vegan like me!
    Hare Krishna!

    • Yes, he seems to have accumulated a lot of good stuff on his site as well as writing much himself. I know there’s a lot out there but I can’t seem to find it when I need to – so I figured it must be the same for other readers – hence the link. In this ever-changine world we all need to have as much knowledge as possible to be able to explain our defence of animals to those who hold religious views.

  2. Martin Riches

    Thank you again, and I can also recommend Vasu Murti’s blog. A good example is this one from last November Beautifully written and illustrated. (I’m afraid I am unable to make this a hyperlink)

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