January: Off to a good start

For my birthday last year I received a small box of home-made jams, sent all the way from Florida. My daughter Jahnavi arranged the gift with the American Vaishnavi who carefully makes them from locally grown fruit. The jams are excellent and I urge all my readers to try some if you can.You can drool over her jams here.

Devadeva Dasi, known also as Sabjimata, is a very enthusiastic cook and manages to juggle leading the Krishna devotee’s life with creating imaginative prasadam products, as well as being a wife and mother.

I thought this video she uploaded says something about her, about being a good neighbour, and would give my British readers a glimpse of Florida sunshine and devotees over there. Here it is.

Here at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in the Hertfordshire countryside, just 20 miles from London, we run many courses for those who want to discover the path of traditional Vaishnavism, and to learn how to apply it in their daily lives. For more than 30 years we’ve run an introductory course which teaches the basic Vaishnava theology, practise and culture. While many years ago, young people would come and move into the temple for as long as we could persuade them to stay, we’ve found that many more students come if the course is shorter and designed for practical application far beyond the temple.

I was happy when Ben Loka decided to come and stay in the temple for three months. He’d been thinking about it for some time and then took the plunge. Ben has many Youtube fans who like his humorous videos revealing his quirky take on life. So I was happy to see this video about his time at the Manor which he’s now sharing with his many viewers.

For around 18 months beginning in early 2007  I was giving a twice-weekly internet class using my home webcam. Now several of those classes have been uploaded at the ISKCON Life site. You’ll also be able to watch classes by other regular speakers, and of course the daily classes continue to be broadcast 7.30 – 8.30 London time.

I have also been participating in Bhagavad-gita classes which feature in a new series of half-hour Hare Krishna television shows due to begin soon on MATV, a satellite channel available free throughout Europe if you subscribe to Sky. It will be listed soon on their programme schedule.


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  1. awww…you called me a vaisnavi…that’s the sweetest thing anyone ever said about me!!!

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