The Sun enters Capricorn, and the cow enters the barn

According to Vedic astrology todaywas the auspicious day of Makara Sankranti, the day when the Sun enters Capricorn, thus moving from it’s ‘southern course’ or Dakshinayana, into it’s ‘northern course’ or Uttarayana. Unlike most days in the Vedic calendar, which is lunar, this is a solar event and falls on the same day every year, January 14th. Its considered good to begin things on this day and its specially good for giving in charity – one of the principal acts of dharma.

So its good that our new cow was delivered on this day, and good that she is already in calf, due to arrive February 20th. Its also good that her timely arrival symbolises reconciliation and mutual understanding.

Truly, a good day


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