Vaishnava beating continues

He gave orders for the religious paraphernalia of the Vaishnavas to be smashed, but ended up touching the feet of Chaitanya in respect. On the doorstep of his house, the Chand Kazi discussed the Qur’an with Chaitanya, and told him of the dream of the lion-man the previous night.

While we were celebrating Sri Nityananda Prabhu’s Festival on Saturday, the police were breaking up a similar festival in another country. The devotees were arrested and their religious paraphernalia confiscated. The country, not surprisingly was Uzbekistan and the city, Samarkand.

The old architecture of Samarkand was built by architects from Mathura in India. So great was the architecture in Mathura that the conquering armies of Timerlane destroyed the finest buildings in the city but captured the architects and took them back to build the new city in 1370.

The same issues of cultural conquest were played out when mridanga drums of the early Gaudiya Vaishnavas were smashed by police sent by the Chand Kazi, local administrator for the Nawab Hussein Shah, Persian overlord of Bengal in the 1500s.

The situation in those days when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was beginning His sankirtan-lila was resolved by His personal intervention. We pray that He may also intervene and bring resolution today for His devotees in Uzbekistan.

Here’s how the human rights news agency Forum 18 reported last weekend’s incident:

Samarkand Regional Criminal Police raided the Hare Krishna gathering in
Samarkand on 7 February as devotees were about to celebrate a religious
festival, the appearance day of Sri Nityananda. Police detained Kasimov and
several other devotees and held them overnight. “All devotees except
Kasimov were released the next morning, 8 February,” a source from
Samarkand, who wanted to remain unnamed, told Forum 18 that day. Kasimov was released from detention late in the evening on 8 February, another source told Forum 18 on 9 February.

Samarkand’s Regional Criminal Police confirmed to Forum 18 on 9 February
that Kasimov was released from detention. The officer who answered the
phone said that Kasimov is “only” being investigated for an administrative
violation. “I don’t know when the case will be brought to court,” he said.
The officer also refused to say under what article Kasimov is being
investigated. “I can only tell you that for a second such violation,
Kasimov will be made criminally liable.”

The Samarkand Regional Police told Forum 18 that alongside the Criminal
Police, the National Security Service (NSS) secret police are also involved
in the case.

A source from Samarkand told Forum 18 that the Hare Krishna devotees had
rented a small hall, and invited some fellow devotees and friends for the
celebration of their festival. “When the celebration started, several
police officers broke in and stopped the programme,” the source reported.
“The police arrested Kasimov and some of the devotees.” The source pointed
out that the Hare Krishna community is still prohibited in Samarkand, as it
is not registered. “Probably Kasimov will be charged with organising
unauthorised religious activity,” the source stated.



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3 responses to “Vaishnava beating continues

  1. Debra Rubins

    I do not see any mention of the devotees being “beaten”, as your headline announces. Please clarify. We can be completely honest and just report the facts without unnecessarily inflaming the situation with sensational headlines like this.

  2. Tusita dasi

    I dont know if you were ever out on sankirtan, but if you were ever told by the police to leave, such as a football game, or a concert, it feels like death. It feels like your thoat is on fire, and the tears are in your eyes.This is a death for the Sankirtan devotee.To not be able to spread Lord Chaitanyas movement is more painful or just as painful as getting beat.The devotees homes in this part of the world were smashed.This is the worst beating Miss Debra.You dont know how sad the devotees get treated. But Krishna sees the devotees love, and thats all that matters.Your servant Tusita.

  3. Priya

    How upsetting, I would have thought the police would have better things to do!

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