Some new websites

Here’s a couple of websites that might be of interest to my regular readers.

First, I’ve hosted a lively exchange of comments recently debating the theory that Vedic culture came from outside India after a group of people known as Aryans invaded/migrated through the north-west regions of the country. This Aryan Migration Theory (AMT), has been prominent ever since European scholars first conceived of it, and Indian scholars have been either slow or generally reluctant to refute it.

The comments began after a popular television series told the story of India from ancient to modern times. While generally praising the vibrancy of India’s culture, particularly its spiritual contribution to the world, the programme endorsed the AMT and even went so far as to trace Sanskrit ‘back to its African roots.’

I personally feel that we live in exciting times when further research of India’s wisdom, and greater  archaeological knowledge of her unexplored regions, will contribute much to the prevailing ideas of mankind’s origins, and some of it will be desperately uncomfortable for those stuck in a colonial past. So I am pleased to see sites that hold a different perspective. I think Archaeology Online is interesting and definitely worth a look. Produced by some thoughtful Vaishnavas in one of ISKCON’s sister organisations, it provides helpful material for teachers of Krishna consciousness today. Click on What’s New.

Second, I’m always on the lookout for fresh ways to get across the teachings of the Bhagavad gita and I like what the British congregational devotee Ben Loka is doing for his youthful following of 18,000 subscribers. They’ve laughed with him, and many of them are now intrigued by his taking to Krishna. I think that he will continue to be productive and that many will discover something of the ideas behind Krishna consciousness through him.

Ben Loka produces home-made videos and posts them on the You Tube site. Most of them have a humorous edge to them, and from time to time he’s been adding some Krishna conscious material. Then there’s ones where he does both. Most recently, after a pilgrimage to India, Ben started a dedicated Krishna Channel. He had some fun the other day making this parody of  The Watchmen

He announced his new channel to his 18,000 subscribers without worrying whether he would lose any popularity, and I like this old video he made of the Universal form of the Lord that he’s now added to his new channel.


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  1. Ryan Empson

    Dear Kripamoya,

    How funny that you listed the Ben Loka stuff on here as I stumbled upon his videos only yesterday!!

    They are as you say both humorous and enlightening and I subscribed straight away to his channel.

    Hare Krishna


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