The Mighty River of Cause and Effect

Today I am thinking about how everything is connected to everything else. And that everything is connected through time. How every action sets off a chain of events: actions which create further actions; and how everything that is spoken or written causes other things to be spoken or written.

That every action or word is a cause which creates an effect. And that effect then becomes a cause when it produces another effect. The chain of cause and effect is infinite and ever-expanding.

I apologise for sounding like someone at a dinner party who has just read about a butterfly flapping its wings in a South American jungle being the cause of a hurricane in Russia – or something like that.

But my son took me along to the Science Museum in London and I saw a short film about connectivity and energy transfer.

In Vedic philosophical circles one is encouraged to see the world not exactly with the five senses, but through enhanced methods of analysis. In this way, one can understand the self situated within, but never merged with, matter.

One method of doing this is by a prolonged visualisation of the chain of causes and effects. By contemplating that one is floating in a river of such causes and effects over which one has no control, yet that there is a remote cause of all causes that does, one is able to simultaneously understand the truth of one’s predicament and to eventually procure a solution.

Here’s the film. Happy abstract visualisation!

On The Move


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  1. My grandsons, and I, loved this film. What an example of cause and effect!

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