Special opportunity for a Nrsimhadeva Puja to be offered in your name

Dear Readers, you may like to enter into the spirit of the Narasimha season this year and gain blessings by taking part in a special ceremony for the pleasure of the Deity on the festival day.

The Simhacalam temple in Bavaria, Germany is completely dedicated to Sri Nrsimhadeva and His dear devotee Sri Prahlada. This temple is completely maintained year-round by the kindness of devotees. It is the only exclusively Narasimha temple outside India and surely deserves our support.

This year a special Maha Puja will be conducted in which 32 copper kalash pots of fruit juices, herb water and milk, ghee, honey, yoghurt and other substances will be used to bathe the Lord in a grand abhisekham. Thirty-two forms of Narasimha will be installed within these pots.

By sponsoring a kalash you can reap the immense spiritual benefits of performing devotional service to Nrsimhadeva. Protection in spiritual life and the removal of personal obstacles is also granted by Narasimha so the rewards of taking part in this are immense. As the vow (sankalpa) for the ceremony is read out, your name – or family name – will be announced. You can sponsor a kalash for 108 Euros (or a heartfelt donation of your choice) and afterwards the copper pot will be posted to you. The pot is inscribed with the name of the festival Narasimha Caturdasi 2009 and afterwards can be used for your own puja at home.

May Sri-Sri Prahlada-Narasimha give you all blessings for even considering this great service.

You can contact the temple head in Germany, whose name is Vedanta-Krit Das by writing here: vedanta-krit@narasimha.de


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