Best Wishes for New Archbishop

My best wishes to Archbishop Vincent Nichols as he becomes the 11th Catholic Archbishop of Westminster this morning. As this picture of him speaking before the large throne at Westminster Cathedral seems to suggest, the position comes with enormous responsibilities.

He’ll have the job of helping the members of his church move forward in mutual understanding with the Church of England.

He’ll need to clarify and represent many theological issues that are at odds with conventional wisdom.

He’ll have to pray for a way through the crisis over priests wanting to marry and falling numbers wishing to take vocations.

He’ll need prayers said for him as he champions the cause of the unborn babies in a country which tops the abortion and teenage pregnancy lists.

He’ll need strength to preach strongly in a country where faith itself is often seen as a psychological weakness.

And he’ll need to cope with the vicissitudes of the Catholic Church as it collectively reels from the effects of the actions of some of it’s members.

I sympathise with all of the above and I wish him well. May our mutual God, who is praised with a thousand names, kindly give him strength.



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3 responses to “Best Wishes for New Archbishop

  1. Sudakaran Sangaran

    Hare Krishna! It is so kind of you to wish the Archbishop well in his duties. Haribol!

  2. Dandavats Prabhu
    Should be interesting to see how Archbishop Vincent Nichols approaches the role, especially with regard to your recent article on the various aspects of spiritual leadership.

  3. kanakabja

    21st of May?? Prabhu, what happend, why are you depriving us? It seems like it’s been ages…

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