Apologies to Readers.

My apologies to readers who used to read my posts regularly. I was away, and now I’m at meetings for a few days, and will next week be away again, this time in Italy.

It might be a good time to read other posts by all my friends who are listed on the sidebar of my site. Better still, you can use the extra time gained for chanting the beautiful Hare Krishna mantra. Hare Krishna!



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6 responses to “Apologies to Readers.

  1. Martin

    Hare Krishna! Have a nice time in Italy.

  2. Dandavats Prabhu
    I am really missing your posts.

    • Thanks Jereme, I will write some more – just for you! I didn’t write any posts for a week, then I was away on a short holiday for a week, then at those meetings for one week, then in Italy for one week with our congregation members. All good stuff but my posting has decreased to nil. As long as you and a few others are interested in reading them, I will try to keep writing them. What about your suggestions for a theme, please? (I can always write, but I like it more if I’m writing in response to a question, it stimulates my creative faculty – such as it is…)

      • Jereme

        Dear Kripamoya prabhu
        I think most readers like myself probably like to hear what you have been upto and what you have experienced. So it would be great to read about your trip to Italy.

  3. Martin

    I agree with Jereme

    If you can find a little time to describe what we missed in Italy, I would be very interested .

    Hare Krishna!

  4. Suzie

    Would you care to write about the anxieties that spiritual life can bring – feeling not up to the mark, not knowing if you are pleasing Krishna, feelings of guilt at not doing enough etc.?

    And how to deal with them.

    I’d be grateful for some guidance.

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