India’s Got Talent: The Krishna Act

I thought this was quite good and that you might like it. If you’ve read the book entitled Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead you might recognise the stories displayed in this act. How many stories can you see?



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5 responses to “India’s Got Talent: The Krishna Act

  1. That was truly beautiful ! A good use of their talent.

    (a) I think I saw 9 stories but could be 10. Who can name them? I will mention two of them (1) seated on Garuda (2) with Arjun on the chariot at Kurukshetra

    (b) Prabhu, I was wondering if you or someone could recommend this video / troupe to His Holiness Indradyumna Swami, so that he may consider them for his events like “Festival of India” and/or “Le Carnival Spirituel” . I am sure it would be pleasing to the crowd as well as give these youngsters a chance to shine.

    Thank you for posting this video….

  2. mk

    if anyone could please tell me where i can find the instrumental played for this act i would be very grateful

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