Book Distribution Follow Up #6: Advertising

Local TV presenter Charmaine Line

Here’s a short video news item about our regular meetings in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. The town is just 20 minutes from the Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Hare Krishna in Luton

Our activities in Luton have been rewarding so far, and all the more encouraging because our investment of time has been comparatively minimal. Book distribution in the town is by one person, our stalwart all-weather preacher Madhurya Gaurangi Dasi, (seen in film) and is accompanied by following up with emails and phone calls. The meetings are held monthly and are quite simple to maintain. Samosas and Kachoris are our speciality. However, those who come to the meetings are also invited to visit the Manor.

Having begun the group, it is vital to advertise it so that others can come along if they wish. Leaflets in prominent places where people go to learn about events and courses; posters; and an email campaign can bring along unexpectedly high numbers of interested people.

Of course, when they do come along its not that everything a newcomer wants to know can be explained at a short meeting; that’s why meeting-up with interested people privately in between meetings is important. They can ask questions without the fear of exposing any doubts, disagreements or misunderstandings before an audience. TV presenters love audiences – but most people on a spiritual search, at a pivotal point in their lives, don’t!


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  1. Gary Welch

    Please could you give me details of the next Luton group meeting. I turned up at the Hat Factory on the last Tuesday in August only to be told by the receptionist that the group hadn’t booked in. I was a bit disapointed as I had been looking forward to joining the group.

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