Australia 24-hour Sankirtan

After my grumbling yesterday about impending winter, I was at least happy to hear that my daughter Jahnavi is firmly situated in the Spring season. She is currently in Australia as a member of the kirtan group As Kindred Spirits. They are on a tour of different cities and today they are in Melbourne. In fact, its a special day for that city as the Vaishnava community there is conducting a 24-hour sankirtan.

If you are reading this on Saturday 31st October you can catch the kirtan on a livestream:

Jahnavi knows that I am missing her but that I’m happy she’s actively engaged in sankirtan. To make me feel better she sent a letter confirming that Srila Prabhupada wanted a ‘world sankirtan party’:

Letter to Hamsaduta from Srila Prabhuapda, dated January 22, 1968

Another proposal is I want to form a sankirtana party in which two
members will play mrdanga, eight will play the cymbals, two will play
on tampura, and one harmonium, besides that there will be the leader
of the party. This party will be so trained that exhibitions of our
chanting and dancing along with distribution of prasadam will be
performed on a stage and for this performance we will sell tickets to
the public. It will be known as a spiritual movement. Suppose if we
begin it from New York and there is good response from the public,
then our attempt will be successful prior to our traveling all over
the world. We will earn money by stage exhibitions and attract
attention of the elite public and move from one station to another. A
shorter type of this exhibition was held during our television show
and the performance was very much appreciated. So I want to train such a party immediately. I do not know where such training will take
place, but I want to do it immediately in my presence. So consult with
Brahmananda and others about this proposal. Give me your return
suggestions about this proposal.


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