English Puja Flowers: It’s been a long, cold winter

Well, its been a long cold period here in England, but finally the sun seems to be staying and the warmer weather is bringing out the spring flowers. Some of us we’re beginning to wonder whether it would ever happen.

I have been using whatever flowers the locality provides for my daily puja, and it has been quite sparse. Snowdrops came out a few weeks ago, and then there’s been winter pansies, and some glorious light-yellow primroses. But I also managed to find a mahonia bush in a deserted house which was very helpful. For a few days the ‘lamb’s tails’ of the hazel tree were very helpful.

Some kind but anonymous soul, perhaps after reading my last piece about the sparsity of winter flowers, arranged for a big bunch of multi-coloured carnations to be mailed to me from the warmer UK Channel Islands. They grow a lot of flowers over there as the place is always warmer than the mainland, being off the coast of France. So whoever you are, may Lord Krishna bless you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

About ten days ago, the crocuses came out with their purple bulb-shapes. They are colourful but very delicate, so if I pick them I have to return home soon afterwards. The camelia bush in my garden has just started to blossom with one bright red flower, and the brilliantly yellow daffodils seem to be popping up everywhere, along with their small lookalikes, the narcissus variation known as the tete-a-tete.

For those of you with a passing interest in us florally-challenged English, here are a few pictures:


Hazel Catkins



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One response to “English Puja Flowers: It’s been a long, cold winter

  1. Martin

    “… I feel that ice is slowly melting.”
    Hare Krishna!
    Here comes the sun.

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