David Beckham offers prayers with the Gurkhas

English soccer star David Beckham spent some time today with the Gurkha Rifles in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. As well as delighting his hosts by playing football with them, he bowed down in their Nepalese shrine, placed his palms together in the gesture of ‘Namaste’, accepted tilak on his forehead, and offered incense in an arati ceremony.

Although the short video clip did not clearly show the deities in the shrine, it is well known that the Nepalese are devoted to Shri Krishna, Hanuman and Narasimha.

Whoever David Beckham offered his respects and seva to, we wish him a quick recovery, and also pray that God blesses his team with success. (Well, without Lord Shri Krishna’s help, how else will England become champions?)

Go here to see ‘Beckham at Prayer’



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2 responses to “David Beckham offers prayers with the Gurkhas

  1. Dankesh

    Hare krishna,
    Very interesting post. I never knew that British army has got gurkha wing. Nice to see David offering prayers
    Hare kishna

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