South India Pilgrimage 2010

I have just returned from India. This year I took my family for three weeks in the south where we visited many places of Vaishnava pilgrimage and other interesting sites.

Starting with a flight down to Chennai in Tamil Nadu, we first travelled up to Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh for my son Mali’s upanayanam samskara and darshan of Balaji; down to Sri Rangam; up to Bangalore in Karnataka; across the state on a long drive through to the ancient Jain site of Shravanabelagola and the Chola dynasty temple at Belur; stopped at a tiger reserve near Chikmagalur then on to Udupi the mediaeval home of Vaishnava saint Madhvacarya. After a few days there we took a train down through Kerala to Cochin, Trivandrum, and on to Tiruvattar, where Lord Caitanya discovered the Brahma Samhita on his own journey through the south in the early 1500s.

Our trip was blessed with many memorable experiences, good health, warm hospitality everywhere we went, and spiritual invigoration. I’ll try to write something over the next few days.



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3 responses to “South India Pilgrimage 2010

  1. Dhanvantari Das

    When a loving devotee is blessed with blissfull experiences he is allways eager to share the nectar with others. I look forward to to your writing.
    Highest Regards,
    Dhanvantari Dasa

  2. I hope you enjoyed little time in Chikmagalur not so much as a traveller. There a temple in amruthapura near lakholi. If you have missed come next time as this temple talks about ramayana and mahabaratha

  3. satish shah

    Two important vaishnava deities of importance are the Sri Ranganatha swami at Sri Rangam, Trichi and Shri Dwarka Dheshji temple in Kankroli(Rajastan) are the oldest worshiping deities. These were the personal seva murthi of Lord Brahma the creator. the Great devotee of the supreme lord.

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