Rejoice! Kirtan is here!

Many centuries ago, the great Vaishnava saint Nammalvar made a prediction. Writing a devotional poem that would become the celebrated Tiruvaymoli, he looked into the distant future. In ecstasy, he told of a time when kirtan – the singing of God’s holy names – had covered the entire Earth:

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

The persistent curse of life is gone;

The agony of Hell is destroyed; Death has no place here.

The Age of Kali is destroyed. Look for yourself!

The followers of the sea-coloured Lord swell over this Earth,

Singing with melody, dancing and whirling. We see them!

The whirling Age of Kali ends; the divine ones enter in;

The Golden Age dawns, and floods of great joy sweep over the land.

The followers of Him who is dark as a cloud,

My Lord, the one coloured like the sea,

Fill this Earth, singing with melody,

They are all over the land

– From the Tiruvaymoli 5.2.1-3

Just over a hundred years ago, Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur described the sankirtan movement of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu – the movement for the congregational chanting of God’s names – to be the ‘future church’ of the world.

As devotees take to the streets this December, they distribute books to everyone they meet. Although the books contain deep philosophy, the essential message they contain is simple: lead a life illuminated by God’s words, and recite His holy names.

The prophecies for this Age of Kali have already started becoming reality. The only decision we personally have to make is how we’ll take part – and how many others we’ll bring with us.

Here’s a few who are already getting others ‘dancing and whirling’ in kirtan:

Gaura Vani and his Mantralogy project

And Kirtan Australia ( Click )


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