Summer Holidays – Young Vaishnava Style

Here’s a well crafted piece of work by a young Vaishnava film maker. I think you might like it. Its about this year’s Summer Getaway by our ISKCON youth here in the UK. Every year the energetic Pandava Sena – around 150 of them – get away from the UK to another holiday location. As well as holiday fun in the sun there’s plenty of time for singing kirtan, listening to inspirational talks, and lending a hand in practical service to the local devotees. The 150 youth include many who are coming to a Vaishnava event for the first time. They’ve been to many countries over the years and its become a bit of an institution. See what you think by clicking through to Youtube:



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5 responses to “Summer Holidays – Young Vaishnava Style

  1. Pancha Tattva dasa

    Nice film. I’m glad they quit the techno music soundtrack half way through – It was getting a bit oppressive. With all of the transcendental music now available from talented devotee musicians (such as Pia), there’s not much need for the other kind. With my personal crotchet aside, I loved the youthful energy and cameraderie of the film. And, it appears, some of our more Western youth can gain a little by seeing how these young people dress and associate so nicely, so Krishna consciously. ‘Hear, hear’ for Pandava Sena!

  2. jaya vijaya das

    Very inspiring film, but I do agree with Pancha Tattva Prabhu regarding the techno music soundtrack. Love hearing their sentiments regarding the trip. Simply wonderful! Only wish more can partake and make their lives sublime. I understand why there are mostly Indian bodies in the Pandava Sena program (except your daughter Tulasi) @ the Manor, but it would be nice seeing a few more white faces! All glories to such a transcendental activity!
    Hare Krishna!

    • Dear Panca Tattva and Jaya Vijay prabhus, this film is being used to interest other young people in coming on the next trip. The techno soundtrack should therefore be turned off – at certain points – by anyone over 35!

      • Pancha Tattva dasa

        Ah, now I understand! Still, there are some pretty fine pieces of Vaishnava music out there that could be used in its place, and preserve the excitement at the same time. But I do now understand the purpose of the music, though I’m in the way-over-35 crowd and don’t have much attraction for it!
        I’ve a feeling there were many beautiful kirtans on that trip. Would love to hear some of them. That is a form of music for all ages.

  3. Pancha Tattva dasa

    I’ve another thought to share while on the subject: Our young people often have a blind spot (mixed metaphor?) when it comes to the effects of sound vibration. Your excellent short piece from the other day serves to underscore my point. We are what we hear. But I don’t profess ‘deafness’ for the tactic of enticing young people onto a spiritual adventure by employing less-than-transcendental music. They are, after all, awash in it already. And if the outcome is their coming out on Harinam Sankirtan, well, alright!

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