Special Christmas Eve treat: Christmas pudding halavah

One old tradition in England is that we English like to eat a mixed dried-fruit pudding every Christmas. Known as Christmas Pudding or sometimes Plum Pudding, it is a staple part of the Christmas dinner. Our devotees Candra Mohini and Madhurya Gaurangi thought that since it was the day before Christmas – known as Christmas Eve – they would invite the people of Norwich to sample a Vaishnava version of this pudding, so they cooked up two large batches of halava with dried fruits, nuts and crystallized ginger. Served steaming hot in traditional Indian leaf cups with wooden spoons, the passers-by loved it. Five hundred cups were served at the end of the afternoon and many invitations to local meetings distributed while the maha-mantra played sweetly from a sound system.

Many people came back for second helpings and the Christian vicar and the elderly Christian preacher with his sign-board cart all enjoyed the unusual seasonal fare.




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  1. jaya vijaya das

    Just by reading/seeing this wonderful prasadam seva, warmed me up on this cold wet Christmas Day! Thanks so much Candra Mohini and Madhurya Gaurangi. Hare Krsna!

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