Narasimha kainkaryam

The first pouring of milk in what would be a two hour long abhishek.

Last night I returned home from the Simhacalam farm in Bavaria, Germany, where I was fortunate to take part in what must be one of ISKCON’s very special religious festivals: Nrsimha Caturdasi.

I think we do our major festivals quite well in ISKCON and there are a few that have become world famous over the years. From where I live here in London, England, the Los Angeles Festival of the Chariots is well known, as are its counterparts over in New York and up in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. And I should mention that the London Rathayatra is very well managed and attracts thousands of people every year now. Krishna Janmashtami Festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor outside London is another famous festival. Then there are major festivals spanning a few days, where devotees of a locality assemble for a spiritual break of camping and kirtan. Many sannyasis gather to speak and inspire. Of particular note these days are the very large gatherings in Ukraine and Russia.

I have written before about the festival for Nrsimha that takes place every year in Germany; I am a fan. But I still think that the festival deserves more attention. The scenery is beautiful, the classes and worship services first class, and the Deity of Prahlada-Nrsimha completely enchanting. Please make a note to yourself for early 2012 that you will seriously consider going there and having a unique spiritual experience.

I would like to share a new animation with you which tells the story of the divine appearance of this avatar:



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4 responses to “Narasimha kainkaryam

  1. Hare Krsna Prabhu!

    Thank you for also taking Nrsimha Caturdasi to heart.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I also added this article to :-

    Your Servant,
    Bhakta Ravinjaya

    • Thank you for adding me to your excellent website. I am happy to see that your collection of Nrsimhadeva-related material is advancing. If you can add sound files to your site that would also be helpful for visitors

  2. Hare Krsna prabhu!

    Actually, lectures and kirtans were added to the site a long time ago, but I assume that the link was hidden. Therefore, now, if you see the homepage, there is a lecture by Srila Prabhupada playing and on the slider, you can also get the link to the media site. I will update the lectures and kirtans section again, in order to make sure of no broken links.

    Enjoy listening!

    Your Servant,
    Bhakta Ravinjaya

  3. Ganga Devi devi dasi

    I love this animation and have downloaded it onto DVD to show our group

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