Where can we find a spiritual master?

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Thakur said: “Only the person Lord Krishna sends us as spiritual master will manifest before us as our guru. By the Lord’s mercy we attain a spiritual master and by the spiritual master’s mercy we attain Krishna. We are given a spiritual master according to our fortune. Different people have different mentalities, and the omniscient Lord sends each an appropriate spiritual master. There are those who desire the Lord’s non-duplicitous mercy and who completely depend on Him for their success. These souls please the Lord with their simple sincerity. To bestow His mercy upon them, He appears before them personally. To those who  want something else from the Lord, who are not actually aspiring for His complete mercy, the Lord sends through His illusory energy a spiritual master appropriate to their mentality. A sincere person never faces difficulty but quickly finds a bona fide guru.”



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3 responses to “Where can we find a spiritual master?

  1. treadmarkz

    What does this mean? That some spiritual masters are in fact, Krishna in person, and some are something lesser, based on the devotee’s level of devotion and need?

    • No jiva soul is Krishna, but Krishna within the heart manifests his compassion in the form of a human being who is so devoted to Krishna that his/her every word is fully representative of Him.

      But there are many levels of guru, and in this statement he seems to be warning that according to what we want, deep down, that’s the sort of person we’ll get.

  2. Deshika ji : i love your reply. Jai Sriman Narayanaya.

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