Upanishads in a New Light


Manuscript of the Isha Upanishad

Dear readers, you may well know that the Upanishads are the cardinal philosophical scriptures for those who follow the Vedic tradition. All of them are important, but the Sri Isha Upanishad, or Ishavasya Upanishad (also known as the Isopanishad) is particularly interesting – along with the Katha, Kena, and Swetashvatara – for the Vaishnavas. So I was particularly happy to see that a devotee artist is making the Isopanishad accessible to a new generation that might not otherwise discover it. He is rendering the entire 19 verses in different word media with accompanying videos. If any of you feel his project is worth your support, do please make a contribution. The benefit of ‘Kickstarter’ is that if the total is not reached, you won’t pay a penny, no matter how much you pledge. Have a look today. JUST CLICK HERE 


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