Never Stop Chanting

The other day I told you about my 40th anniversary of chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. Now here is an old friend of mine who has probably sung thousands more kirtans than myself, who has involved hundreds of thousands more people, and who tours the world introducing kirtan to countless people for the very first time. He never – ever – tires of sitting down with a small pair of cymbals and singing. To see the effect he has on others while he’s singing, have a look at this very short film:



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3 responses to “Never Stop Chanting

  1. dhirabhakta

    Hare Krishna
    A busy day helping others work dealing with the problems material life creates, thinking I just need something to pick me up.
    When in comes an email sent by you sharing this little article and profound video
    I just had to say Thank You it came for me just at the right time

  2. PAMHO AGTSP ,Hari-bol Prabhu This Is My 41 Year Also I Was Blessed To Be directly Initiated By his grace Srila Prabhupada , Detroit ISKCON 1973

  3. Yes, maybe the local circumstances have something to do with it. In like a needle.

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