Compassion for animals in Kartik Month

Last year I made a series of short pieces about the holy month of Kartik. Here’s the first one:


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One response to “Compassion for animals in Kartik Month

  1. Govardhana Dasa

    Nice presentation prabhu. I believe that spiritual advancement is hampered when devotees buy non-ahimsa milk products as they are directly financially contributing to cow and bull slaughter. Many devotees are in denial about this and claim that regardless of the suffering and murder of cows and bull calves the animals benefit when these devotees eat pizza. How can a baby bull calf benefit also by being murdered as part of the dairy industry practice when he has not given milk?
    Does Krsna accept offerings of milk which is poisoned materially with contaminants and spiritually with cruelty. I feel like this debate is being shut down by dairy addicts in the name of ajnata sukriti and am very disturbed by some devotees lack of insight into this.

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