January 5th. A good day to plan the rest of your life.

I have shared this short video before, but it bears repetition. I hope my readers won’t mind. It’s that time of year, after all.

The beginning of a year is a good time to plan the rest of it. What will we do with 2015? We all have the same amount of time, and according to what gives us happiness – and what we think will bring us happiness in the longer term – we will allot our precious time accordingly.

A Vaishnava is one who considers that the highest happiness is available from discovering and acting in relationship to God. All other time-consuming actions in life are then allotted their respective importance.

It is a refreshing thing to carefully examine where our 24 hours goes, and whether we could fit something extra for our spiritual benefit into the day. Or, and more importantly, to carve out just the time we need for our spiritual practise first, then fit everything else in life around that.

The days of our life are not jelly beans, they add up to what our life is all about. It is a good thing to take stock of where the days are going and what we’re getting from them. Today is a good day to begin.


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