A Plainly-Named Book


For the past twenty years, at least, people have been asking me my understanding of the various philosophical aspects and issues related to the subject of the guru and disciple relationship. Although many liked the traditional idea of practising spiritual life with a guide and teacher, they found some of the aspects inaccessible and some quite controversial. I always tried my best to convey to them both the tradition and the contemporary application as I understood it. When it became clear that successive waves of people were asking similar questions, and that some of them found my answers interesting and helpful, I started writing it down for them instead of speaking. Some of that writing has already been published as posts in my blog. Eventually I thought to compile it all to have everything in one place. I didn’t think of writing a book. But, as these things go, a book was the result. So here is a plainly-named book, The Guru & Disciple Book, and it will be coming out on September 3rd.

It will be available on Amazon and from other outlets.



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6 responses to “A Plainly-Named Book

  1. satish parmar

    All Glories to Kripamoya Prabhu

  2. Ramananda das

    Hare Krishna. I am looking forward to reading this. The article says september 3rd but amazon still says it is not available. Has the release date been changed?

  3. prof.g v rao (sastry)

    it is a good book. i have several doubts in srimad bhagavatham. can you make a writeup on the details of srimad bhagavathaslokas. for example-suka uvaca-does it mean vyasadeva wrote this book after suka and saunaka rushis spoke it?

    • Dear Professor, my understanding is that Vyasadeva first spoke it to his son Sukadeva, then he attended the gathering when his son spoke it to Pariksit. The sages in Naimisaranya, headed by Shaunaka Rishi, then heard it from Ugrasrava Suta Goswami. Vyasa wrote it down on the order of his guru, Narada Muni.

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