Visiting the Ashram

For some years I have had a collection of books from a variety of religious traditions. I also have a few from the community I was brought up in, the Methodist Church. One book – one amongst many – is this volume, by one John J. Vincent.


As life and fate arrange it, I went to Sheffield last week and was introduced to the author himself. The Ashram Community Trust is a Christian organisation in Sheffield, Yorkshire which was founded in 1965. The group runs many welfare, educational, and health food projects in the city. Its founder, the Reverend Dr. John Vincent, former head of the Methodist Conference, has made a lifetime study of the theology of discipleship according to the Bible. He is also a doctoral advisor on a PhD course run by the Urban Theology Unit, also founded by him.

He has been quite prolific in his writing and tireless in his community building through the years. Now in his eighth decade – but still going out for a morning run – he continues to help others with his depth of wisdom and experience. On a visit to Sheffield I presented him with a copy of my The Guru & Disciple Book which he said he would read with great interest.




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2 responses to “Visiting the Ashram

  1. Just read Visiting the Ashram…a beautiful post to read midway through a long night of editing up a very special edition of Barnet Mental Health News…thank you

    hare Krishna x x x

  2. Anonymous

    Let me know when you start your morning runs, prabhu. Perhaps i’ll join you…!

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