Management vs Theology – a new challenge


Martin Luther nails his protest to the church door

Any human endeavour requires good management. Any organisation of a certain size – and some say over 150 members – requires a different system of management from that of its beginnings. But when good management dominates theology, and spiritual vitality, and moderates religious practice, and we choose a religious leader on the basis of how good a manager he is, then the very purposes for which the organisation was founded are threatened.

This year is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s challenge to the Church of his day. He thought it needed reform and he wrote his suggestions as a list. A contemporary list of suggested reforms for bishops of the Church of England, all 95 of them, has been published and makes interesting reading. It’s a long piece, but it can be ‘translated’ for the organisation or movement of your choice.

Here it is.



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  1. Joe Kenny

    Thank you Prabhu. This reminds me of the recent Address by Pope Francis to the Roman Curia.

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