And so Britain’s slow exit begins…


Today is the day Britain begins its two year period of exiting from the European Union, the official beginning of what has been termed ‘Brexit.’ The country is surprisingly divided over our immanent departure from what started out as a trading partnership in 1973, and then gradually became ever more a state of monetary, legal and political union.

Perhaps its because of that creeping amalgamation of Britain into a European super-state, a situation that our forbears didn’t sign up for, that a majority of British people felt uncomfortable and wanted out. It was a slim majority, but a majority nonetheless.

To my American friends: Brexit is nothing like Texit, the idea of Texas leaving the union of the states of America. When your forbears signed documents to create the USA, they knew they were creating a political union – one nation with no national borders between the states. When Britain signed up there was no such agreement.

So today the exit begins.



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