Chakram is my album and is now available on iTunes

Also on cdbaby and spotify

In August 2015 I published The Guru & Disciple Book. At 440 pages it examines the subject thoroughly and is an excellent introduction for the intelligent newcomer. Contains much that the seasoned initiate would find interesting. Available now on and



13 responses to “Shop

  1. I received a copy of the CD in the post today from Pure Incense. Its brilliant and I love all the photos on the cover art.

  2. Dandavats Prabhu,
    Where can I find the words to the verses of Jagannatha ashtaka?

  3. I just discovered this which might be of use to your readers:
    Vaishnava Songbook with All the standard songs and other bhajans composed by the vaishnav âcâryas and others, arranged to the original melodies. with chords and running translation

  4. Ajamila das

    Just to say Hari bol!! having taken a few moments to browse through your website.

    All glories to your preaching!!



  5. Narottama das

    Hare Krishna! All these years I was never introduced to your chanting until I went to Sivarama Swami’s website and heard a short kirtan you did at someone’s house. Pristine. I am going to purchase the music you have available here and was wondering if you could direct me to any other places that has your recorded kirtan?

    Narotttama das (Columbus OH)

    • Yes, I’ve been hiding away over here on this island surrounded by the choppy oceans of northern Europe. I don’t get off the island much. I have some recorded kirtans but I need to collect them and sort them out. I’m also creating another one from scratch with an engineer/producer which will have a different feel, but people may like it all the same.

  6. mayur premji

    I wondered if you knew the name of the cassette tape from the 1980s (I cant remember the name of the album). The cover was greenish and had a caucasian hare krishna devotee on the front.
    The music was played by an orchestra and tablas performed by Ustad Zakir Hussain (and other musicians too).

    The first track on side A was Ohe Vaishanava Thakura.
    I really want to listen to that particular verison as it was awesome and part of my childhood! I cant seem to find it anywhere.

    Do you know where I can listen to it please?

    Thanks very much in advance for your time.

  7. Haribol Prabhus,

    Thank you for the Jagannath card, we very much enjoyed having you as
    our guests. The CD is great! Much appreciated.

    your servants
    Bhakta Derek, Nagnajiti, Kavi and Sarasvati.

  8. warren

    Please has anyone a copy of Srimad Bhagavatam (1 volume edition) for sale for my limited book-shelf space, or know where to procure one ???


  9. warren

    managed to get the1 volume Srimad Bhagavatam…thx….warren

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