New Generation of Music inspired by India’s Mahabharata

Inevitable Time

I may be hopelessly biased, but I think Inevitable Time is one of the most important new albums to have come out this year. Its from a new generation of musicians who take classical themes – in this case the Mahabharata of India – and breathes new life into them with a sound that is completely contemporary.

Ananda Monet was trained in Russian folk singing – which gives her a dynamic and at times unearthly edge to her powerful yet emotional voice – a sound that lifts the lyrics to a new dimension. The collaborative trio of Jagannatha Suta, Pete Booker and Andy Baldwin (The Who, Florence and the Machine, producer) make sure the sound is superb.

I witnessed the launch of the album with the full stage performance in London, but with the astounding new visuals supplied with the album and the website to support the story behind the album, you won’t be missing out if you didn’t see it there first.

Don’t take my word for it, read reviews, see the story and hear clips here on the dedicated website. Best if you buy it before it runs out by clicking here.


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